The Write Stuff: Para kay Meng…

Hello again! It’s been over a month since I last updated this blog. Too many things happening. But thankfully, there are weekend mornings like today.

So…I’ve written poems for people I know personally. Especially…*ehem*…you know…the really special ones. But for a famous person who I haven’t even met yet really admire? Never. And so, here’s one I wrote for the much-loved Dubsmash queen-turned-actress/TV host/phenom from back home, Maine Mendoza, who celebrated her birthday earlier this week. I initially posted this in picture form on my Twitter (and…well…with the millions of notifications she likely gets everyday from fans, I doubt if she ever read it–it’s cool, nonetheless). But I just wanted to share it–or, for that matter, share it again–for all my folks back home, and every other kababayan who gets to read this.

Oh, and, if ever you get/got to read this, Maine…mahal ka namin, pero mas mahal ka rin ng binatang itinuturing kang natatangi. (Hehehe!)

Welp, here goes…

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The Sunday Currently: #5

Welp, here again after another busy Sunday. And a very filling one, too–had a big buffet lunch earlier for my dad and my two siblings who are all celebrating birthdays this week.

By the by…hoping anyone who read my previous post (a poem) liked it–especially those of you who I know personally that could’ve “lurked” on this blog. Will try my darndest to write some more. Hopefully. 🙂

Anyway…on to this week’s TSC.


Reading: Just got started on former TSN anchor and current FOX Sports 1 personality Jay Onrait’s book “Number Two”–I bought a copy last week. Always fun to read amusing, sometimes humiliating anecdotes of people I just usually see on TV.

Writing: This entry. That’s about it.

Listening: To audio of “Jurassic World”, which the rest of my fam’s watching in the living room downstairs.

Thinking: About tomorrow. Cold. Blue Monday. Ugh. 😦 (But…at least, I have a taping to go to at RTV after work. Haven’t been in the studio for ages…)

Smelling: …a bit like sweat again. It’s the heating–feels like there’s a little bit too much in my room. Hahaha!

Wishing: …that weekends lasted a bit longer.

Hoping: …it will be a great week. In spite of some things.

Wearing: An old “ANCOP Walk” tee and…track pants. I think I need a second pair…

Loving: How this weekend has been mostly chill. As in “relaxed.” Not referring to the weather.

Wanting: …the rest of the week from Wednesday to go a little faster. Until Friday afternoon, at least.

Needing: Hmm…I don’t know, really. Maybe sleep again?

Feeling: Cold. Literally and…figuratively too? Just kidding.

Clicking: Between FB and Twitter right now. Stress on the latter–been so much involved in the past few days with the social media side of my current favourite TV couple (if you check out a few previous entries on this blog, you’d know who). It’s been quite a fun and interesting exchange with some fellow fans.

Have another awesome week, everyone! And for those feeling the winter blahs here in my neck of the woods…just remember: “What ‘Blue Monday’?”

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The Write Stuff: Shaking the rust off…

So, yes, I am a little bit rusty at this because I haven’t written a poem in years. YEARS. So I hope you forgive me if the verses look/sound a little too “elementary.” But heck, that’s why, for one thing, I started becoming more active in my blog again–to re-sharpen my writing skills beyond 140 characters. Hope it’s been working well. 🙂

Anyway, here goes nothing…

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The Sunday Currently: #4

I wanna siomai love for you.

I wanna siomai love for you.

Happy 2016 once again, folks! Hope it’s been an awesome long weekend for a lot, if not all of you. It has been so for me, thank God. So dreading going back to work tomorrow, buuuuut…gotta earn what we gotta earn, right?

Anyway, here goes nothing…


Reading: Well…I kinda feel pathetic now because I haven’t really picked up a new book (or re-read an old one, especially with the big bookshelf here in my bedroom) lately. So…I’ll say…my social media feeds, again.

Writing: …that poem I’ve been wanting to finish earlier. Mental block + the busy holiday season + I don’t know…lack of inspiration, perhaps?

Listening: To “How To Save A Life” by The Fray. One of the many songs in my phone’s music library that instantly takes me back to a certain FM station’s studio back in my Motherland. (Oh, the memories of the old “graveyard shift”…)

Thinking: About what’s ahead for next week. Lemme see…work, a couple of mobile productions, tomorrow’s extra-extra cold weather…

Smelling: Err…nothing. Guess that gel air freshener I got wasn’t as effective as the one before. Must be the brand. Hmm.

Wishing: …that this week would be a dandy. Good luck, Dane. Hahaha!

Hoping: Ahh…uhm…if we’re talking “at the moment” here, it has something to do with the words, “take care.” That is all.

Wearing: Just a striped tee and a pair of old basketball shorts with a big tear on the right thigh. Even I’m wondering why I haven’t retired the darn pair of shorts. (*snicker snicker*)

Loving: This entire Sunday because it was all family–church, then movie day, then sushi dinner. Perfect ending to the last day of the extended New Year weekend.

Wanting: …it to be Friday again. Okay, Thursday because I have another mobile shoot.

Needing: …to take care of myself more. Wasn’t feeling 100% throughout New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, so…there goes another wake-up call. Gotta work on a bit more “discipline.”

Feeling: …a little “blah” about tomorrow, both being back-to-work-after-the-long-weekend day and another “extreme cold weather” day at the same time. A bit of a bad double whammy, eh?

Clicking: Through my Facebook…just posted a little “make your own hockey card” pic from the Hometown Hockey event last week. Here’s how it looked like:

Photo 2016-01-03, 11 51 33 PM

The left-handed “left winger.” Who can’t play hockey, much less skate. A guy can dream, right?

Have a great first full week of 2016, people! Yes, I almost fumbled for a second typing in the year. I’ll get the hang of it, eventually.

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That Was The Year That Was

As I put this blog entry together, 2016 will be upon us in roughly three hours (local time). Boy, how quickly has 2015 passed us by once again, just like that.

There are just too many personal memories to mention, but right now, I don’t want to bore you with that. Instead, I want to say thanks.

Thanks to all the people I work with at our local Rogers TV community cable station–both staff and volunteers alike. It was late this year when I marked my 5th year with the station, and it has always been quite the adventure, amid all the changes we’ve seen over the last little bit. To the staff, thanks for all the opportunities, and for always believing in what I can do and what more I can develop. To my fellow volunteers, thanks for all the fun and craziness even while the cameras and XDCAM discs (or Avid) are rolling. It’s great to know that I’ve been able to sincerely call a lot of you my friends, even outside the studio or mobile location.

Thanks to all the people at the “day job,” for simply making things bearable every weekday. That…is all. 

Thanks to those who weren’t really on my “nice list,” for reminding me that not everything will always be “all good in the hood.” But also, thanks for reminding me that people like you are always worth “shaking it off” when all is said and done. Especially as the new year comes.

Thanks to my family. It’s been a big year for us, and boy, where do we begin? There was a healthy share of milestones and challenges for each of us, but we made it through, thank God. I always say, things won’t always be perfect, and we may not have so much all the time, but we have each other. I won’t have it any other way.

To the rest of my loved ones, blood-related or otherwise, thanks for adding some fun, smiles, and even more memories to this year, in whatever way possible. Thank you for simply being there.

And finally, thank You, Lord. For bringing us through 2015 and into the new year. And for blessing us and keeping me and my loved ones safe. And more importantly, for everything that made this year what it was. The glory from all our achievements this year, and next year, we give back to You.

Have a safe, fun, awesome, crazy, love-filled 2016, everyone! And may we never forget to take care of ourselves, and each other. 🙂

The Sunday Currently: #3

Ron MacLean

With a true legend of Canadian television: Ron MacLean, host of “Rogers Hometown Hockey,” and of the “Coach’s Corner” segment on “Hockey Night In Canada”

Away for the entire day again–just as in the past couple of Sundays–because of hockey. But this time, I was a spectator, not someone working behind the scenes on the broadcast. Thanks to Sportsnet bringing its Rogers Hometown Hockey Tour to Oshawa, one town away from where I live. I have to admit, it’s a welcome change while we’re off from producing Gens broadcasts for the next handful of days (got another home game coming up on Wednesday the 30th). And it’s worth the hours out in the cold–especially with the Leafs winning in Brooklyn vs. the Islanders.

Well…here goes the third installment of my “The Sunday Currently” series…


Reading: Twitter and Facebook once again. Still. Isn’t it pretty obvious I love catching up with social media? Haha!

Writing: Other than this blog entry, nothing else. I must come back to that same poem still waiting to be finished (from last week). Don’t worry, I’ll have it for you soon. Very soon.

Listening: To “Two Is Better Than One” by Boys Like Girls. Another possible theme song for whoever the future one will be? Maybe. 😛

Smelling: My new air freshener gel–this time, the scent is called “After The Rain.”

Wishing: For yet another great week. The final one of the year, for that matter.

Hoping: For a really fun New Year celebration with our extended family.

Wearing: A grey Roots shirt and my PJs.

Loving: This entire Christmas/Boxing Day weekend. So many memorable events spent with special people. Oh, and the fact that I have a very short 2-day work week to cap the year.

Wanting: A beer. Oh, that reminds me…gotta put a can in the fridge. In a bit.

Needing: More sleep. (Thank goodness, no work tomorrow.)

Feeling: Warmer than earlier. I mean…come on, I spent close to 9 hours in the cold…I deserve this. Hahaha!

Clicking: …through all my social media stuff, again.

I do promise to post something really new (i.e., away from “The Sunday Currently”) very, very soon. But in the meantime…

Oh, wait a minute…I do have something I hope you could check out from earlier at the Rogers Hometown Hockey event: Being…err…pretending to be a sports news anchor. All for kicks, and a few giggles, maybe? It was honestly a lot of fun, though. Lemme know what you think.

Hoping you have an awesome what’s-left-of-2015. Will check back in soon!

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The Sunday Currently: #2


Reading: Twitter and Facebook once again. Two words: MISS UNIVERSE. That is all. 🙂

Writing: Nothing at this time. Although I do have a poem still “waiting to be finished.” Yes, after so many years. Attempting to write one. Will post it here on the blog when it’s ready.

Listening: To…nothing. Right now. TV’s off. So is my radio. And not playing music off my phone. Keeps me a bit more focused composing this, I still think.

Smelling: Again, “Clean Linen”–still my room air freshener. Which, I think, I have to replace when I head to the grocery store this week. Hahaha!

Wishing: For a fun, memorable Christmas/Boxing Day week. Tons–and I mean, TONS–of stuff happening.I can’t wait!

Hoping: For the same as above.

Wearing: My Citytv…err…City(tv) t-shirt (which I jokingly and lovingly call, “Citytv…everyWEAR”), and some old athletic shorts.

Loving: This entire weekend. Christmas party with our Filipino friends, directing two hockey games in two separate nights, not-so-ugly weather, and the fact that my Christmas list is almost done (I know, just days to go).

Wanting: …it to be Christmas/Boxing Day weekend already!

Needing: Sleep. And….more money? Hahaha! 😛

Feeling: Part-happy, because of having directed a really solid Gens broadcast tonight (plus, they won–BIG!), and because Miss Philippines won Miss Universe (yes, even I know what happened…but still, congrats, Pia!). Part-not-so-excited about the fact that it’s Monday tomorrow. And partly sad, just because…things…

Clicking: …back and forth through all my social media stuff.

Can’t wait to see what this Christmas/Boxing Day extra-long weekend will bring. In the meantime…wishing all of you–or anyone who reads this at all, really–an awesome week ahead! 🙂

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